Progress is about the transformation of mindsets.

A great interview by the country manager of the Worldbank in Burundi, Veronique Kabongo and Chief economist, Albert G. Zeufack.

Yes there is a window for possible change in Burundi and I am personally happy with it, as a coach of the youth, entrepreneurs in Burundi and as a business lawyer for investors.
Myself I live in the hills of Bujumbura with the local people. So I am connected with them and know their mindset.
Progress is all about changing mindsets.
If there is not the proper mindset at the start you can not progress in a sustainable way.
Leaders should understand that you don’t solve poverty by giving incompetent people a job they can not handle. The concern is good but this kind of action is catastrophic and not sustainable.
People will get frustrated or won’t care about their performance as long they get paid.
They will see it as a compensation for their poverty,
they won’t understand:
.the value of being competent,
.or that they are rewarded for the effort they do,
.or rewarded for the result of their effort.
You solve poverty by educating people and by opening their mindset first.
Not by fighting poverty. Fighting poverty is the same mindset that is part of the cause of the problem. One of the many reasons why the development sector is struggling.
#LightAward2019 E
All the rest is a evident.
.Private sector creates real creative and sustainable jobs, not governments.
.Governments can block or facilitate market economy.
.Private sector can only thrive when there is the capacity to add value. So you need to understand the concept of adding value first.
.Digitalisation is key but all focus is on agriculture and this is what you get, an agriculture mindset. Which is not wrong but it is not ok when all focus go to poverty and agriculture.
FOCUS should be on richness not on POVERTY. Another challenge is that internet connection in Burundi went backwards the last year.
.People have to recognize problems and not be in denial! Only through clarity you can come to solutions.
An open conscious mind and an open heart is the only key to progress!
By Stephan Doukhopelnikoff
Coach, mediator and business lawyer
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