‘Inner peace contributes to the peace of others. The same with your well-being.” Stephan Doukhopelnikoff

We organise workshops on different subjects depending on your needs.
Our main focus is your personal well-being and your well-being at work.

“Your well-being, by mastering skills, contributes to your own well-being and the well-being of others. We are all interdependent.”

Workshops and trainings differ from coaching and the focus is to inform or update your knowledge and understanding on the different subjects.
Coaching is focused on you mastering your self and your skills.

We believe that consciousness is the basis of everything. You can not be a successful entrepreneur and not be conscious. Consciousness can not be confused with knowledge or skills. Consciousness is about who you re about your ‘being’ in relation to your self and to others.


: consciousness | inner peace | créativité et imaginer | values | pro-activeness | organising priorities | gérer des conflits.

2. SKILLS AT WORK: Entrepreneurship | Organisations
Do you understand that the ‘mastering’ of a skill contributes to your personal well-being and the people around you?

Employees | Starters | Entrepreneurs and organisations.


  • Social | communication skills
    • Effective communication
    • Public speaking
    • Networking
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Effective meetings (as director or participant)
    • Conflict resolution | Peace
    • Mediation
  • Creativity skills
    • What is creativity?
    • Discover your talents?
  • Entrepreneurial skills
    • The 10 skills of an entrepreneur. ( starters and update)
    • Business plan (starters)
    • How to add value to your business?
    • Strategy
      • strategic partnerships
    • Project management
  • Efficiency skills:
    • time management
    • effective meetings
    • effective communication
  • Computer | App | tech skills:
    • Excel
    • Powerpoint | Keynote (Public presentations skills)
    • Calender | Google calender
    • Outlook | Gmail Email | System | Management (new and experienced users)
  •  Internet skills
    • basics of internet (starters)
    • google search
    • websites, wordpress
    • social media
    • e-learning, learning by the internet
  • Smartphone use skills | Apps
  • Photography and video
    • adobe lightroom
    • adobe photoshop
    • apple imovie