Micro Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurship Training Coaching for development

Promote development of an entrepreneurial culture.

Unable to find work, many people have no alternative but to create their own company and work for themselves.
These micro-entrepreneurs often don’t receive any training or any assistance to improve the management and productivity of their business and are trapped in a subsistence activity with no growth potential.

Micro-entrepreneurs who want to start or are already in business.

By providing the first changes in the skills and mindset of the students and teach company management skills.

Training sessions enable micro-entrepreneurs to become familiar with a range of management tools in finance, human resources, accounts, marketing, etc.

Personal one-on-one coaching is a personalised rather costly support but with a very significant impact.

By SWOT analysis, the entrepreneur gets aware of the weaknesses and opportunities of the micro-enterprise.

It helps the micro entrepreneur to implement concrete improvements.

Given the relative cost, it is mostly reserved for the most highly motivated micro-entrepreneurs who can get a real benefit from it.

The training and coaching focuses on intuitive entrepreneurs who have significant creative potential and want to achieve greater objectives with their micro-enterprise to improve living conditions for themselves, their families and their employees.
The transformation is both entrepreneurial and personal.
The entrepreneurs become responsible managers who promote decent work.


Increase of sales
The growth in sales coincides with good management of the business which guarantees its durability and improved living conditions for the entrepreneur and their family.

Creation of jobs
The entrepreneur’s new management abilities and the strengthening and growth of their business enable the creation of new jobs which leads to the socio-economic development of their community.

Improving quality of work
The quality of the old and new jobs is improved because entrepreneurs are trainend to be aware of the value of decent work.