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Launching of DouttiSmartAcademy in Burundi 11/2020

Studio DOUTTI is a leading creative studio in the Great Lakes Region of Central Africa founded by Stephan DOUKHOPELNIKOFF. (CV)

The 3 C’s of a master by DOUTTI


We help you to ACT with RESULTS!

As professional leaders we do everything to meet the highest standards in our services.

Our approach to your challenges as our client is ‘Holistic‘! In every assignment of a client we consider all aspects of the organisation and the business. We focus on added value for our clients!

We assist personally individual entrepreneurs, companies, NGO’s, organisations and governments to improve their productivity to achieve their goals.

Our three main activities are focused on (click on image for more details of each department):

Legal | Mediation | Projects

Leadership | Business | Life

ICT | Design | Construction

Our mission is to contribute to consciousness, peace, an entrepreneurial climate and culture to catalyse economic development.

Enjoy your day!

Stephan DOIKHOPELNIKOFF. CEO & Founder of DOUTTI.com