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Stephan Doukhopelnikoff,
pionnier et visionnaire dans le TIC depuis 1998

Stephan Doukhopelnikoff is

.legal consultant for Europe and Central Africa (EAC).
.leadership coach.
.international mediator and negotiator

In 2005 we created LegalScan to meet the legal needs of entrepreneurs in a digital environment.


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27 years (1988-2014) member of the Bar in Belgium, specialised in business law and ICT law.
Master in Business Law, UIA.
Since 2013 internationaal mediator.
2013: EMTPJ Association for International Arbitration
2013: Accredited in Belgium
2015: Accredited in South Africa
2015: Cape Town University of Law. Mediation in Business
Certified compassionate leadership coach. Case Western University.
Certified strategic partnerships. PMI. International Project Management Institute
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