Personal Coaching

DOUTTI Personal Coaching Process (also online)5 sessions
1. Preparation and planning session
2. Know who you are.
3. Know your strengths and weaknesses, your challenges?
4. What is your plan, what are the steps to take?
5. Who are your advisers?

The personal coaching process is a 5 session process.
The effect and value of these sessions is much more than you can grasp.
Beware of coaches who are not qualified and who do not understand this process.

After following the process you will be able to bounce back when faced with challenges in your life or whenever you want to achieve goals.

It is about establishing an awareness of your personality.You have to be very aware of who you are first to move forward in life.

Someone who does not know where s|he came from, where s|he is and where s|he wants to go won’t be able to reach objectives or be in balance.

After your awareness of your being, the second step is to know what you want.

The third step is the steps to take based on your strengths and your challenges.

Ultimately (step 5) it is important to know who are the people you can trust to advise you.

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