Welcome to Studio Doutti, the creative studio of DOUTTI.

Innovation comes from being a master at what you do.

We are a ‘studio’.
We ‘learn and create constantly’ to stay at the highest level of innovation and quality.

We challenge our own knowledge and position constantly!

We study from our passion to keep our mind open to new experiences.

There is nothing we are not prepared to learn. Learning is an ongoing process.

There is no end to learning.
The one who says he knows, is probably the one to fail first.

The goal of our learning is to help conscious people!

Our main activities in the Studio:

Doutti – Websites

Your website is a reflection of your identity.
So adapt the site as much as you can, to who you are. People will know, through your website who they are dealing with. Don’t let your website be who you are not! This will only lead to conflict and frustration for you and your customers.
Hosting, domain names, logo design, email, social media (twitter, facebook, instagram).


Doutti – Photography

Our pictures are published in the Burundi Investment Guide 2017.
The most famous picture is ‘The boy at Lake Tanganyika’.

Doutti – Design

We offer graphic design, furniture design, interior and exterior design.

We design focused on simplicity and functionality.



The same as for the design we focus on simplicity and functionality. Beauty for us lies in simplicity.
We take care of the spiritual aspect when we build the homes of our clients.
The Tin and Yang of your home is important.
Your homes is supposed to give you energy, Therefor we study the land first before giving advice how to build. Your ‘construction’ should be aligned with the spirit of your land.


We assist all entrepreneurs.
Youth, women and experienced business men in their activities.

From the start to finish, in good times and in hard times.

From the business plan, strategy, project management to marketing.