Coaching versus instructive ways of learning. Mentoring, consultancy, teaching.

It is important to understand coaching versus other instructive ways of learning.

Mindful coaches start from what is.
They coach the person to become the best version of him or herself.

Not to become what others tell them to be.

That’s the difference with artificial and instructed intelligence.

Without that understanding nothing is sustainable.

Mentors exchange their experience and share the path they walked before. They will say what worked for them. But will it work for you?

Teachers transfer knowledge. Students learn what is already known. What about the unknown? What about the constant change in Life?

Consultants are specialists in a certain field. What about all the other factors in play? Each consultant has a personal, hopefully professional, opinion. Who to believe?

Mindful coaching is about empowering the consciousness of ‘being’ and opening up the mind of the coachee.

To understand who you are is always the first step.


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