Leaders and leadership coaches understand that silence is more productive than thinking.

To get to wisdom and clarity  SILENCE is more productive than thinking.

Get to silence first before you think.

When the mind is confronted, it reacts.

When we are conscious of this inner reaction, we can control our minds and we can stop the outer reaction.

Always start from inner clarity.

You get to clarity through silence.

From silence you can control your mind and recognise what ‘is’, what are your thoughts, what are your feelings and what are your emotions. 

Understand that they are different realities to your mind.

Outside your mind, there is only what ‘is’.

That is clarity.

From this awareness you can decide to control your thoughts, to control your words or outer silence, to control what you do or don’t do.

Notice that almost everything what happens in a society almost always stems from reaction. 

This takes positive energy and creates more negative energy.

That humans mostly are in a reaction mode is the cause of a complicated and negative society. 

As a lawyer I saw that most laws are unneccesary and a reaction to what is already past.

The same with court cases. The reason why I became a mediator.

You don’t solve problems with rules, you don’t change behaviour of people by rules. Rules don’t solve nothing and are themselves source of confusion.

The way to go is to work on the consciousness of people, on their mindset.

Coach people to be who they are meant to be. Don’t tell people to be who they are not. We are all part of the universal harmony.

But therefore you also need conscious and compassionate leaders.

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