The advantages of coaching for young people

It is more powerful and enriching to listen to people than to tell them what to do!

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Do you copy or ‘are’ you a Master? Mastering a skill is more than just knowing.

Du savoir ou savoir faire au savoir être
Mastering a skill goes further than just ‘knowing’.

Those who stand on the shore will never become captain of the boat. The same with your life.
This morning I was giving a coaching session here in Bujumbura, Burundi on effective communication.So I explain that many people listen to respond rather than to understand.
The consequence is that most people stay unconscious and that there are so many conflicts. They learn to imitate, to copy, not to master a new skill. Listening to understand, to learn, implies deep listening. Some people can live their whole Life ‘thinking’ they master, while they are just imitating… It is when the student masters what he is taught that he has space to improve him self and improve what is taught to him. When you ‘master’ something, the skill or competence becomes part of you. It is not outside of you anymore. Also it is not just knowledge anymore. When you just imitate, you don’t master. You stay in the unconscious ‘zone’. In that zone, once your teacher is gone, you can’t copy anymore, you become blocked.
Another student asks for more books to read on the subject. My answer: How many books you need to read (to become a master)? Another student answers: “Stop reading start practicing” 😂 Exactly. What are you with knowledge when you don’t act on it? And again. Reading without understanding is just copying… You can be very knowledgeable but still be unconscious or unaware. Until it becomes part of you and you master to improve. That’s the bridge from unconsciousness to consciousness. I like the French version. Du savoir au savoir faire au savoir être. When knowledge becomes part of your being. Some people consider it more important to know who said what than to understand the importance of what is said… Everybody has the choice who ever he wants to be. An open mind doesn’t place limits. An open mind learns continuously from whoever in whatever situation. Don’t pretend to be a master when you just copy… Know that authenticity can only be copied. To be authentic is the choice of an open mind.
It reminds me of the days when I was learning to sail: Those who stand on the shore will never become captain of the boat. Luckily.

Back to effective communication:
You can not talk to your boat and ask it to sail by it self. They same with your life. You live it or you are lived. 😂🙏

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