Effective coaching is only possible if…

4 component parts of the mindset of the coachee that have to be present for COACHING to be effective:
.An awareness that something has to or can change, (if not, work on consciousness),
.A willingness to make the change, (if not, work on motivation),
.The skills and ability to make the change, (if not, work on competences)
.The understanding that change takes time and can show up later or in other ways than those originally expected or anticipated. (If not, work on the mindset)

1. Does the coachee have the capacity to understand what the situation is and what to do at this moment?
2. Is the coachee aware of this understanding?
3. Will the coachee take responsibility to change?
4. After the coaching process, is the change part of the mindset of the coachee?

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The advantages of coaching for young people

It is more powerful and enriching to listen to people than to tell them what to do!

Stephan Doukhopelnikoff Coach

High added value is not about the high price. It is about dedication, passion and love without compromise!

A friend just shared this video clip about Japanese watermelons. They go from 200$ to 22.500$… each. But look at the effort that is done!

At first sight we will watch the video clip because we see the extra-ordinary price tag.
When you watch the video clip you understand it is not really about the price for the producers.

They place all their passion, love and focus on it without compromise. 
They go for quality not for quantity.

This is about creating. This is art. This is creativity!
This is beauty!
This is about connection between humans and nature.
This is respect for nature!

This is what we all should learn from it.
Life is about quality not quantity.

These people have added enormous value by being in the moment.

Each moment they give their full attention to create beauty inside out.
What is the value of quantity?
What love is their in quantity?
What is the value of appearances only?

So when you are exceptional in quality, you are high value!
The same with your services and your products.
And the price tag maybe will follow too ;-).